AMEGO-X: MeV gamma-ray Astronomy in the Multi-messenger Era


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 20. July 2021 - 18:00
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'Recent detections of gravitational wave signals and neutrinos from gamma-ray sources have ushered in the era of multi-messenger astronomy, while highlighting the importance of gamma-ray observations for this emerging field. AMEGO-X, the All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory eXplorer, is an MeV gamma-ray instrument that will survey the sky in the energy range from hundreds of keV to one GeV with unprecedented sensitivity. AMEGO-X will detect gamma-ray photons both via Compton interactions and pair production processes, bridging the “sensitivity gap” between hard X-rays and high-energy gamma rays. AMEGO-X will provide important contributions to multi-messenger science and time-domain gamma-ray astronomy, studying e.g. high-redshift blazars, which are probable sources of astrophysical neutrinos, and gamma-ray bursts. I will present an overview of the instrument and science program.'

Authors: Henrike Fleischhack | for the AMEGO-X team
Collaboration: AMEGO-X team

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Presenter: Henrike Fleischhack

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