Development of autonomous observation system for next-generation cosmic ray telescope


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 21. July 2021 - 12:00
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"CRAFFT is an atmospheric fluorescence telescope with wide viewing pixels for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays next-generation observation facility.u2028We have builded the automatic observation system (for the fluorescence detector) in order to expand detection area of the next generation observatory by the telescope with the fluorescence technique. In Japan, we made a testing machine that reproduces the actual observation equipment installed in Utah, USA.u2028The observation automation system was installed with the testing machine in Japan and has been in operation for more than 9 months. This system also includes an environmental monitor for stable operation and smooth transition to start or stop observation automatically.u2028In this presentation, we will report on the development status of CRAFFT's autonomous observation system."

Authors: Takayuki Tomida
Co-Authors: Yuya Nakamura | Katsuya Yamazaki | Ryosuke Saito | Hirokazu Iwakura | For the CRAFFT collaboration
Collaboration: CRAFFT

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Presenter: Takayuki Tomida

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