Energy-dependent Morphological Study of HESS J1857+026 with Fermi-LAT


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 20. July 2021 - 18:00
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'HESS J1857+026 is an extended gamma-ray source discovered by H.E.S.S., and considered to be a pulsar wind nebula candidate associated with PSR J1856+0245. Taking advantage of 11 years of Fermi-LAT data, we re-analyze the GeV gamma-ray emission from HESS J1857+026, and find that the GeV emission from this region is composed of two gamma-ray sources. The harder component Src T is coincident with HESS J1857+026, nevertheless the origin of the soft component Src A need further exploration. We present the results of energy-dependent extension analysis of Src T. HESS J1857+026 is a good target for LHAASO, CTA and HAWC. Future GeV and TeV observations will be helpful to investigate the particle transport mechanisms within this source.'

Authors: Xiao-Lei Guo | Yu-Liang Xin
Indico-ID: 734
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Presenter: Xiao-Lei Guo

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