The Advanced Particle-astrophysics Telescope: Simulation of the Instrument Performance


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  • uploaded June 25, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 16. July 2021 - 18:00
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'We will present simulations of the instrument performance of the Advanced Particle-astrophysics Telescope (APT), a mission concept of a $gamma$-ray and cosmic-ray observatory in a sun-Earth Lagrange orbit. The key concepts of the APT detector include a multiple-layer tracker composed of scintillating fibers and an imaging calorimeter composed of thin layers of CsI:Na scintillators and wavelength-shifting fibers. The design is aimed at maximizing effective area and field of view for $gamma$-ray and cosmic-ray measurements and subject to constraints on instrument cost and total payload mass. We simulate a detector design based on $3m$ scintillating fibers and develop reconstruction algorithms for $gamma$-rays from a few hundreds of $keV$ up to a few $TeV$ energies. At the photon energy above $30MeV$, a pair-production reconstruction is applied and the result shows that the APT could provide an order of magnitude improvement in effective area and sensitivity for $gamma$-ray detections compared with Fermi-LAT. A multiple-Compton-scattering reconstruction at photon energies below $10MeV$ achieves sensitive detections of faint $gamma$-ray bursts (GRBs) and other $gamma$-ray transients down to $sim0.01MeV/cm^2$ with a sub-degree level of localization error. The sensitivity of the polarization measurement in terms of degree of polarization for $sim1MeV/cm^2$ GRBs is below 20%. In addition, we will present the simulation of the instrument performance of the Antarctic Demonstrator for APT, a balloon experiment using a small portion $ smaller 1%$ of the APT detector.'

Authors: Samer Al Nussirat | Corrado Altomare | Richard Bose | James Buckley | Jeremy Buhler | Eric Burns | Roger Chamberlain | Wenlei Chen | Michael Cherry | Georgia De Nolfo | Leonardo Di Venere | Manel Errando | Stefan Funk | Francesco Giordano | Zachary Hughes | Patrick Kelly | John Krizmanic | Makiko Kuwahara | Francesco Licciulli | Jason Link | Gang Liu | Mario Mazziotta | John Mitchell | Riccardo Paoletti | Roberta Pillera | Brian Rauch | Davide Serini | Marion Sudvarg | Gary Varner | Eric Wulf | Adrian Zink | Wolfgang Zober
Collaboration: APT (the Advanced Particle-astrophysics Telescope)

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Presenter: Wenlei Chen

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