1st PIER Science Slam

1st PIER Science Slam

What is this about?

May the fourth! Star Wars Day is the perfect occasion for the 1st PIER Science Slam!
A science slam is perhaps the most entertaining form of science communication. It is not a battle of wits but a friendly competition about who can win the audience over his or her area of research. In that aspect, it is much like a poetry slam spoken word event.

It can be a funny talk, a story, some peculiar facts about science and research. Come and see for yourself!

Who will be on stage?

You will have the chance to enjoy slams from 5 PhD students from various research institutions on campus. They were coached by experienced Science Slammer and DESY Postdoc Philipp Gadow.

Our Slammers:

Judita Beinortaite, PhD student at DESY, theoretical Physics

Nidin Vadassery, PhD student at CFEL, DESY, IMPR-UFAST, experimental laser physics

Benoît Richard, PhD student at CFEL, DESY, theoretical laser physics

Maria Font, PhD student at CSSB, DESY, structural biology

Ben Otange, PhD student at CHyN, Universität Hamburg, physics


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