String Steilkurs 2015

String Steilkurs 2015

String Steilkurs 2015 - Part II: "Advanced Topics in String Theory"

Jul 20 – 31, 2015
The course is divided into a preparatory 1st week and a more advanced 2nd week. The lectures focus on current topics in String Theory and Mathematical Physics. Knowledge in Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity and  the basics of String Theory is assumed.


Intermediate level  (1st week)


  • V. Schomerus (Hamburg): Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence
  • J. Teschner (Hamburg): Quantum aspects of supersymmetric field theories
  • S. Vandoren (Utrecht): Differential geometry of supergravity
  • F. Göhmann (Wuppertal): Introduction to integrable models

Research level (2nd week)

  • F. Benini (Imperial College London): Localization in supersymmetric field theories
  • J. de Boer * (Amsterdam): Entanglement entropy/firewalls
  • D. Persson (Gothenburg): Mathematics of hypermultiplet moduli spaces
  • V. Rychkov (CERN): Introduction to bootstrap methods
  • G. Travaglini (Queen Mary College London): Amplitudes and correlation functions in supersymmetric theories
  • D. Volin (Dublin): Integrable models and their appearance in supersymmetry and string theory


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