DESY Science Day 2022


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  • uploaded November 24, 2022

At DESY Science Day 2022 we presented scientific highlights of the past months and welcomed our newly appointed scientists. The prerequisites for excellent top-level research are created by all DESY employees. That is why we honour our scientists every year on the DESY Science Day and pay tribute to the many years of personal contribution of our employees. In addition, DESY awarded two new prizes this year for outstanding success and ideas with potential for market innovation.


Moderation: Kerstin Straub - Head of Department DESY Press and Communications     

Helmut Dosch – Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors     

Scientific Highlights at DESY

Helmut Dosch     
Scientists from DESY’s research areas     

Newly Appointed Scientists at DESY 

0:32:40 Annika Eichler, Markus Gühr, Andreas Maier, Harald Reichert, Stephan Roth     

Award Ceremony  

DESY Award for Exceptional Achievements  
0:43:43 Award winners: Frauke Poblotzki as well as Valery Katalev, Yasmin Laura Nachtigal, Burcu Yildirim   
Laudator: Joachim Ullrich (President DPG)     

Award of the Association of DESY Friends and Sponsors (VFFD)  
Award winners: 1:09:26 Andrea Cardini, 1:02:27 Sarah Schroeder  
Laudator: Wilfried Buchmüller  

DESY Innovation Award  
1:41:12 Award winner: Saša Bajt  
Laudator: Arik Willner  

Bjørn H. Wiik-Preis  
1:23:05 Award winner: Alke Meents 
Laudator: Jörg Rossbach  

Lifetime Achievement Awards  
Award winners:

0:57:46 Joachim Heuer, Vladimir Fogel, Mario Pohl, Ute Krell,

1:15:34 Susanne Schönwandt, Michael Seebach, Britta Liebaug, Thomas Naumann,

1:38:00 Klaudia Hagemann, Johannes Blümlein, Axel Schieber

Jentschke Lecture 

Tommaso Calarco - Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Topic: Building the second quantum revolution

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Date of recording: 2022-11-23