Review: Gamma-Ray Bursts detected at Very High Energies


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  • uploaded June 25, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 13. July 2021 - 14:45
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'Very high energy (VHE, larger 100 GeV) radiation from GRBs has eluded for several years all attempts of detection by Cherenkov telescopes, until the recent detection of strong VHE emission from the long GRB 190114C, located at redshift z=0.42.rnThe inclusion of TeV data in the modeling of afterglow multi-wavelength (from radio to X-rays) observations allows us to estimate physical properties that are usually unconstrained, such as the density of the external medium, the energy of the emitting particles, and the strength of the shock-amplified magnetic field. Since the first announcement of VHE detection from a GRB, three additional GRBs have been firmly detected by Cherenkov telescopes. In this talk I review the present status of observations and interpretation of VHE emission from GRBs. Prospects for future detections with the ASTRI-Mini Array and with CTA, revised in light of these recent observations, reveal that the VHE band is a very promising energy window for progressing our knowledge of GRB physics.'

Authors: Lara Nava
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Presenter: Lara Nava

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