MoCRiS a low-cost stratospheric balloon platform to measure the particle flux of cosmic ray showers in the high atmosphere.


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

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'In June 2019 from the region of Calabria (Italy) our group launched the Stratospheric Balloon MoCRiS (Measurement of Cosmic Ray in Stratosphere) that reached up to 35111 meters. MoCRiS is a didactical project that uses a Light Balloon with a payload of only 2.7 Kg payload box included. The capsule is Lithium-ion batteries operated and fully instrumented with sensors for temperature and pressure, two Hi-Res Camera for pictures and videos, GPS tracker and two ArduSiPM scintillation detectors, made by the INFN group in Rome, used to measure particles flow. ArduSiPM is very economical, light ( smaller 150 g), and with low power consumption ( smaller 1 Watt). These characteristics are optimal for balloons and “in space” applications (e.g. CubeSat), and very attractive for educational use, even on the ground. During the school year, the students of the scientific high school "Stefano Patrizi" (at Cariati, Cosenza, Italy), participated in the definition of the project by following theoretical and practical lessons on aerospace techniques and particle physics with particular regard to cosmic ray showers in atmosphere. The mission was completely successful by experimentally verifying the pressure-to-height relation, the height of the thermal inversion in the atmosphere, reaching and exceeding the maximum Regener-Pfotzer level of the shower development. The instrumental and didactic platform created is easily replicable even with upgrades. We are expanding the collaboration with other schools for further launches. MoCRiS is an activity of OCRA (Outreach Cosmic Ray Activities) project, a platform of INFN for all outreach activities focusing on cosmic rays.'

Authors: Valerio Bocci | Antonino Brosio | Gabriele Galbato | Francesco Iacoangeli | Domenico Liguori | Maria Antonella Tripodi | For the OCRA collaboration
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Presenter: Valerio Bocci

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