QuarkNet High School Cosmic Ray Projects


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 19. July 2021 - 18:00
ZOOM-Meeting URL: https://desy.zoom.us/j/96969970711
ZOOM-Meeting ID: 96969970711
ZOOM-Meeting Passcode: ICRC2021
Corresponding Session: https://icrc2021-venue.desy.de/channel/30-Schools-and-tools-OampE/72
Live-Stream URL: https://icrc2021-venue.desy.de/livestream/Discussion-07/8

QuarkNet High School teachers and students perform experiments with cosmic ray muons. Their data is available to all on the i2u2.org site, enable measurements of muon flux, speed, and lifetime. The pandemic restricted access to many detectors, so QuarkNet provided virtual resources allowing users to carry out simpler experiments with already uploaded data. Users can also request groups maintaining active detectors to modify setups in order to collect customized data. Some QuarkNet high school groups have also carried out more complex projects, e.g. Solar Eclipse 2017, MUSE at Fermilab, storm tracking, and g-2, that required assembling entire physics collaborations.'

Authors: Mark Adams | for QuarkNet
Collaboration: QuarkNet

Indico-ID: 378
Proceeding URL: https://pos.sissa.it/395/1372

Presenter: Mark Adams

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