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  • uploaded June 25, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 13. July 2021 - 12:00
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'OCRA – Outreach Cosmic Ray Activities was born in 2018 as a national outreach project of INFN with the aim of collecting, within a national framework, the numerous public engagement activities in the field of cosmic ray physics already present at a local level in the divisions and laboratories. Since spring of 2020 OCRA offers also a series of online laboratories on its website, designed not only to be used by students individually but also to be offered in the classroom by teachers. rnThe cosmic rays path present on the website will be presented together with the online laboratories on the measurement of muons, from the one related to the dependence on the zenith angle made during the International Cosmic Day up to measurements of the flux dependency on the altitude in the atmosphere and in the water. Also, a laboratory allowing to analyze public data of the Pierre Auger Observatory will be presented. In addition, some teaching methods included in the "Teachers' area" of the OCRA website will be described. rnThe developed cosmic ray path was also used to organize an online course for teachers of Italian high schools with the purpose of accompanying teachers when approaching the subject for the first time. About 70 teachers participated for a total of 9 lessons.'

Authors: Carla Aramo | Roberta Antolini | Valerio Bocci | Mario Buscemi | Lorenzo Caccianiga | Attanasio Candela | Gabriella Cataldi | Roberta Colalillo | Fabio Convenga | Maria Rita Coluccia | Francesco de Palma | Pasquale Di Nezza | Giuseppe Di Sciascio | Carmelo Evoli | Gabriele Galbato | Alessia Giampaoli | Sabine Hemmer | Francesco Iacoangeli | Domenico Liguori | Silvia Miozzi | Riccardo Paoletti | Nicola Rossi | Davide Rozza | Marco Schioppa | Ilaria Veronesi
Co-Authors: OCRA Collaboration
Collaboration: OCRA

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Presenter: Carla Aramo

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