New methods to reconstruct Xmax and the energy of gamma-ray air showers with high accuracy in large wide-field observatories


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  • uploaded June 25, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 13. July 2021 - 12:00
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"A new method to reconstruct the slant depth of the maximum of the longitudinal profile (XmaxXmaxu200b) of high-energy showers initiated by gamma-rays as well as their energy (E0u200b) are presented. The method were developed for gamma rays with energies ranging from a few hundred GeV to around 10 TeV. An estimator of Xmax is obtained, event-by-event, from its correlation with the distribution of the particles' arrival time at the ground, or the signal at the ground for lower energies. An estimator of E0u200b is obtained, event-by-event, using a parametrization that has as inputs the total measured energy at the ground, the amount of energy contained in a region near to the shower core and the estimated Xmaxu200b. Resolutions about 40 (20) g/cm2 and about 30(20)% for, respectively, Xmaxu200b and E0u200b at 1 (10) TeV energies are obtained, considering vertical showers. The obtained results are auspicious and can lead to the opening of new physics avenues for large wide field-of-view gamma-ray observatories. The dependence of the resolutions with experimental conditions is discussed."

Authors: Mário Pimenta | Ruben Conceição | Laura Peres | Bernardo Tomé
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Presenter: Ruben Conceição

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