Expectations for the high-energy neutrino detection from starburst galaxies with KM3NeT/ARCA


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  • uploaded June 25, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 16. July 2021 - 18:00
ZOOM-Meeting URL: https://icrc2021.desy.de/pf_access_abstracts
Corresponding Session: https://icrc2021-venue.desy.de/channel/Presenter-Forum-1-Evening-All-Categories/48
'Starburst galaxies (SBGs) and more generally starforming galaxies represent a class of galaxies with a high star formation rate (10-100 Mo/year). Despite their low luminosity, they can be considered as guaranteed “factories” of high energy neutrinos, being “reservoirs” of accelerated cosmic rays and hosting a high density target gas in their central region. In this contribution, the possibility of observing their neutrino signals is explored with the KM3NeT/ARCA telescope, which is in construction in the Mediterranean sea. The differential sensitivity and discovery potential for different SBG scenarios are reported for both shower and track event analyses in the 100 GeV – 100 PeV energy range.'

Authors: Walid Idrissi Ibnsalih
Co-Authors: Ankur Sharma | Ofelia Pisanti | Antonio Ambrosone | Gennaro Miele | Antonio Marinelli | Pasquale Migliozzi
Collaboration: KM3NeT

Indico-ID: 1256
Proceeding URL: https://pos.sissa.it/395/1168

Presenter: Walid Idrissi Ibnsalih

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