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  • uploaded October 17, 2023

Prof. Dr. Robert Myers, Heinrich Hertz Lecture 2023.

Humanity faces real and present problems. Our ressources to address these problems are limited. It's easy to think, then, that we should devote ourselves to our most promising solutions.
It's easy, but it's wrong.
The great paradox of scientific research is that pure exploration - research into deep questions motivated by pure curiosity, without concern for applications - is ultimately what transforms our lives in tangible, practical ways.
In this talk, I will speak not just as a physicist interested in puzzles of quantum entanglement and five-dimensional black holes, but as the director of an institute devoted to fundamental research. I make the case for blue-sky research, and for optimism about our shared future.

Date of recording: 2023-09-28
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Robert Myers

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