Latest results of UHECR measurements with prototypes of the Fluorescence detector Array of Single-pixel Telescopes


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  • uploaded June 26, 2021

Discussion timeslot (ZOOM-Meeting): 21. July 2021 - 12:00
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'Clarifying the origin and nature of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) is of the uppermost importance in the astroparticle physics. The Fluorescence detector Array of Single-pixel Telescopes (FAST) is a design for a next-generation ground-based UHECR observatory, addressing the requirements for a large-area, low-cost detector suitable for detecting the properties of UHECRs with an unprecedented aperture. The full-scale FAST prototype consists of four 20 cm photomultiplier tubes at the focus of a segmented mirror of 1.6 m in diameter. Over the last five years, three prototypes have been installed at the Telescope Array Experiment in Utah, USA, and one prototype at the Pierre Auger Observatory in Mendoza, Argentina, for remote observation of UHECRs in both hemispheres.We report on the latest results of these FAST prototypes including telescope calibrations, atmospheric monitoring by distant ultra-violet laser and all-sky astronomical camera, ongoing electronics upgrade, development of sophisticated reconstruction methods and UHECR detections. We also discuss possible benefits to the Telescope Array Experiment and the Pierre Auger Observatory, such as comparing the transparency of the atmosphere above both experiments, a study of the systematic uncertainty associated with their existing fluorescence detectors, and a cross-calibration of their energy and Xmax scales.'

Authors: Toshihiro Fujii | Justin Albury | Jose Bellido | Ladislav Chytka | John Farmer | Petr Hamal | Pavel Horvath | Miroslav Hrabovsky | Hidetoshi Kubo | Jiri Kvita | Max Malacari | Dusan Mandat | Massimo Mastrodicasa | John Matthews | Stanislav Michal | Xiaochen Ni | Seiya Nozaki | Libor Nozka | Tomohiko Oka | Miroslav Palatka | Miroslav Pech | Paolo Privitera | Petr Schovanek | Francesco Salamida | Radomir Smida | Stan Thomas | Akimichi Taketa | Kenta Terauchi | Petr Travnicek | Martin Vacula | Seokhyun Yoo | (FAST Collaboration)
Collaboration: FAST

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Presenter: Toshihiro Fujii

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